Reading Groups

Reading books alone (especially technical ones) can be frustrating and boring. Moreover, to really understand a topic it’s essential to discuss it with others, to ask questions and to answer questions yourself.

An ideal solution is a reading group. A reading group provides accountability, motivation and allows discussions among like minded people.

Therefore, as an experiment, I’m currently organizing online reading groups for readers of my books. Here’s what you need to know about them:

  • The goal in each reading group is to work through one book together during a fixed period of time (typically 6 weeks).
  • There are weekly assignments that are discussed in a weekly video group call. Moreover, during the week questions and ideas are discussed in a private chat.
  • I will participate in the video calls and chat.
  • The starting date for each reading group is announced once a sufficient number of readers has expressed their interest.
  • To avoid no-shows there is a participation fee of $10 for each reading group. (If you’re unhappy with the reading group you get, of course, your money back.)

If you’re interested in participating, send a short email to jakobschwich [at]

Roughly, your email should look as follows:


I'm interested in the TITLE OF THE BOOK reading group.