What I’m doing now

I’m currently doing my Ph.D. on theories with extended gauge symmetries.

At the moment, 

  • I’m writing a Classical Mechanics textbook.
  • I’m trying to understand the origin of the flavor structure of the standard model. Although the problem exists since more than 40 years there is not even a canonical first step towards a solution. This is great because it means that even today any idea is as good as any previous idea. In addition, the problem is incredibly important. “In a recent interview published in CERN COURIER, Steven Weinberg was asked what single open question he would like to see answered in his lifetime, and Weinberg replied that it is only the mystery of the observed pattern of quark and lepton masses[1].Source. Specifically, I’m hoping to combine idea from Grand Unified Theories with other older ideas to produce some new connections. The good thing about GUTs is that you are automatically somewhat constrained and can’t toy around arbitrarily.
  • In addition, I’m adding content to the Physics Travel Guide and try to get other people interested in the project.


(The idea of a NOW page comes from Derek Sivers.)